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2022 Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS)


▲Photo from TITAS Official Website.

This year’s highlight is the smart and eco-friendly exhibition format with the introduction of digital technology. The show’s featured products not only emphasize functions, but also sustainability and environmental protection.

▲TSGS Eco-Friendly Seam Tape Vision.

“Renewable, recyclable, and reusable” technologies are the trend of product R&D for sustainable development. The “Eco-Friendly Seam Tape” jointly exhibited by TSGS, Far Eastern New Century (FENC), and Singtex is made of PET material that realizes application of homogenous material and meets the Global Recycled Standards (GRS), and the solvent-free and waterless manufacturing process, unlike chemical substances used in the past, prevents pollution and enables sustainable development towards ESG and SDGS. The technical R&D and manufacturing process of TSGS significantly lower the hazardous impacts on human body and safeguards the soundness of the environment.

▲Diagram of Eco-Friendly Seam Tape Composition.

TSGS and Chimera Multinational Co., Ltd. jointly exhibit the “Reflective Material” application series, developing a reflective material to satisfy design philosophies that pursue fashion and innovative variations. The material can be directly applied to garments, and reflects colorful lights when shined upon by flashlight, making it popular among designers.

▲The “Reflective Material” Application Series Jointly Exhibited with Chimera Multinational Co., Ltd.

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