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Innovative Textile Technology Forum

WON.HOUSE hopes to provide new-generation designers an integrated platform for innovation, striving for the next generation of textile professionals in aspects from environmental demands of fabric applications to exploration of distribution channels in the international market.

Expert Consultant Xiao Mei-Ling

Expert consultant Xiao Mei-ling and faculty members of various design institutes are invited to participate in the “Innovative Textile Technology Forum,” where they will target the current status of the textile market, expand the scope from design to creative ideas, and explore demands of the environment and future market for in-depth examination of the overalldemand-supply balance of the industry, while also experiencing the weather lab of “Marilyn Monroe Creator,” rapid recycling of scrap fabric, groundbreaking digital pattern printing technology, and video recognition assisted automatic cutting technology, which can significantly lower the production cost of apparel manufacturing and provide waterless low-temperature environment for pollution prevention.

Faculty members of various design institutes visit the core technology of WON.HOUSE

【Next Won】 is a new fashion textile production ecology developed by WON.HOUSE, which breaks the existing industry structure to join forces with upstream, midstream, and downstream businesses for integration of art, creativity, design, carbon reduction, and environmental protection, inviting partners in search of all-win solutions to be part of the Won ecology. Through advanced technology, Next Won helps all groups with aspirations in fashion to achieve dreams, build reputations, and earn profits. 【Next Won】 – the pilot that leads the way as the age of innovative textile arrives.

Topple old thinking, unlock new universe of textile, and jointly sail towards Eco-Fashion!

“Innovative Textile Technology Forum” exchanges project contents with all participating faculty members.

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