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Complex process that make the design difficult

For designers who are not familiar with digital production, transforming a design from the paper to the digital version is very difficult, and it's hard to find a fully functional design software that can highly simulate clothing. Do these problems seem too overwhelming? 


Fast, customized, intuitive
Fashion design software

Without space limitations and complex procedures, online design can immediately be turned into a digital version, completing both design and production! The operator can choose the color, pattern, text, image, and other content to design exclusive clothing at will.

Once the design is completed, the number of pieces can be directly set to output the design. The online design system can greatly shorten the design schedule, help reduce communication time and costs, and offer an unprecedented new design experience!

How does it work?

1.Select styles and patterns
2.Insert design details
3.Select size and quantity
4.Place an order
5.Collect goods

Our advantage

Easy to use

With its intuitive operation mode, even users without digital design experience can easily make their own clothes.

Exclusive customization

You can choose the fabric style, change the pattern, modify the color, add text, and more according to your customization preferences.

Digital version

Digitize your design so that designers can communicate directly with suppliers.

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