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Say goodbye to rushing around

In the past, designers had to go to major material fairs and large and small trimmings markets everywhere to collect textile accessories that met their needs for apparel production.


Upon entering the actual production process, they would also have to contact and communicate with a variety of suppliers and could encounter material shortage and other problems in the later stages.

One-stop apparel service

We divide the garment-making process into three steps:




You can use our online design software to create your own design, select the required clothing materials, and use our Micro Studio to create samples without worrying about a shortage of materials caused by unexpected modifications, saving the time brand designers usually waste on the back-and-forth and finishing the work quickly.

Customized and diversified materials and trimmings



We provide a variety of functional fabrics developed by Taiwan and can also source the most suitable fabrics for customers. In addition to various colors and styles for you to choose from, we also offer uncolored greige fabric for designers to print their own designs and colors on site.



In addition to the materials for basic apparel structure, rare special laminating trimmings and eco-friendly seam tapes are available to provide designers with a greater variety of creative materials.

How does it work?

Professional consultants that understand your

needs in-depth.

Simple, digital design that is highly-customizable to complete your exclusive design.

Color separation, making, and printing are all completed using digital technology to maintain consistency.

Product standardization through our MICRO FACTORY for

mass production and fast delivery.

Our advantage

Efficient communication

Our industry leading consultants will contact suppliers for you to save you the hassle. All you need to do is tell us your requirements, and we will arrange everything for you.

Accelerate production

We centralize all design and production processes and use digital technology to speed up the work. Compared with the traditional mode that may take as long as 60 days, it only takes 7 days to complete a sample, from confirming the demand to design and creation.

Small yet diversified

Flexible digital production opens up possibilities for brand customization and multi-style design and is equipped with digital design software for easy operation, allowing you to quickly produce a variety of clothing.

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