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It's not easy to present a color just as it is. 

In addition to creating the right color for a designer, the color separation technician must also be able to adjust the actual printing color for a number of different fabrics specified by the brand.

The designer tests the fineness and aesthetic perception of the tint of the color separation technician, while a technician requires a large amount of time to repeatedly perform the color matching process.


Double efficiency for
100% color reproducing

With the help of AI technology, color can be separated automatically by combining and comparing the colors on the designer's papers with the property of the fabrics. We solve the problem of reproducing complex color block details to accurately create the

color required by the designer.

For any pattern or color, as long as it can be drawn on the paper, it can be printed on fabrics.

 WON.SPECTRUM can greatly shorten the time spent on confirming the color separation deviation, as well as reduce the communication procedures relying on Pantone.

What you see is what you get

Designers only need to provide the printed artwork, and the rest of the color separation will be completed automatically, which, compared with the traditionally manual work of individual technicians, is faster and more accurate.


 WON.SPECTRUM printing results 

Designer paper artwork

Traditional printing results

Our advantage

Accurate communication

To solve the color difference issue on different devices, designers only need to provide the correct color of the paper artwork, and then we can complete the color separation, thus reducing the cost of communication.

High efficiency

With no time-consuming manual color matching, the use of digital technology can complete the work in one day and then quickly start production.

Zero error of
color standard

The current digital technology can accurately identify the color of a paper artwork and, combined with textile recognition data, reproduce the colors perfectly on each textile, so you don’t have to worry about color deviations.

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