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Higher cost of waste materials

In traditional clothes making, a whole roll of fabric needs to be dyed before being cut according to the cut-parts. The cost of dyeing ink and printing is then wasted if the fabric cannot be used.

Depending on the manual layout, accurate layout cannot be achieved in limited fabric, resulting in a lot of wasted material.


Save time, labor, and fabric

The existing digital marker arrangement technology can only arrange the shape of the cut pieces, not the pattern designs on them, and still needs another procedure to complete

the pattern matching.

WON.VISION automatically arranges the cut pieces in the most economical way to display accurate fabric utilization rate, fabric length, and the cut pieces. Furthermore, when calculating creation, there is no need to worry about pattern shifting.

Combination of style and pattern

Nowadays, marker making can automatically arrange the shape of the cut pieces, but only WON.VISION can directly use the automatic arrangement of cut pieces with pattern design and calculate the spacing of each cut piece to achieve compact layout.


In general, marker making and cutting cannot incorporate patterns

In WON.VISION, marker making and cutting can incorporate patterns

Our advantage

Cost reduction

Proper use of fabric reduces the number of wasted fabrics, as well as prevents MOQ inventory and other issues.

Reduce working hours

Datamation making can calculate the fabric area without manual making, which effectively saves 30% of the work time.

Saving fabric

The system calculates the distance between the pieces and arranges them in a compact manner, which can effectively save 10% of fabric.

Avoid pattern shifting

Unlike traditional printing and dyeing that can only print full patterns and then you have to cut the pieces yourself, in digital mode, there is no need to worry about printing direction adjustments that lead to pattern shifting.

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