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Technology combined with textiles

The concept of smart textiles is to integrate innovative technology into textile materials to interact with wearers. 

This concept has been widely used in daily life and for entertainment, home care, safety protection, sports and leisure. In order to deepen the interaction with consumers, brands are generally trending toward developing their own programs or devices.

textile device

Marketing without boundaries

To link brands with consumers, we seal the Smart Tag chip into the fabric. By scanning it, consumers can get relevant brand and product information through the WON.VOICE APP, and the brand can also get feedback from consumers to feed into the brand’s big data.

This feature can be applied to various user scenarios. Under the basic mode, the APP interface can be customized to their brand content and make interaction more flexible.

A powerful information tool

Smart Tag is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows the device to carry out non-contact point-to-point data transmission and to read short-range wireless communication labels containing product information.


Waterproof and durable

The Smart Tag is fully protected by professional technology and is both water-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Experimental testing has shown that the Smart Tag will not be damaged even after being washed more than 100 times and that it is suitable for textiles.

product information

Add uniqueness to clothes and give consumers detailed product information. For example, the raw material origin, production process, and any brand information can be quickly accessed through the SMART TAG.

Our advantage

Collect user feedback

The WON.VOICE APP can set up a questionnaire page to instantly collect customers' feedback about their experience.

Launch brand marketing

You can use the basic mode to arrange the content of your APP and input either brand or social media information.

Establish sales channels

Display your physical and cloud sales channels for more business opportunities.

Product anti-fraud security identification

Download the APP to scan the SMART TAG on the product to identify the authenticity of the brand and make product purchases more secure. It can also be applied to limited edition products.

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