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For the common good

Our goal is to become a cross-industry connector that brings together manufacturing, technology, and innovative talent to provide integrated solutions for the textile industry.

Our Story

"WON" is the perfect tense of "win"
Backwards, it becomes "NOW," which refers to our desire to create new value now from

past successful experiences.

The integration of different sectors of the textile industry has been difficult due to a lack of collaboration. Brands can only follow existing models or integrate themselves, which not only slows down progress, but also reduces competitiveness within the industry. Creative talents find self-development difficult when lacking necessary resources.

WON.HOUSE strives to become a connector platform across upstream suppliers and right to downstream manufacturers, as well as to support the collaboration among Industry-Government-Academia to provide integrated and cross-industry solutions for the textile industry through digital technology.

Won.House LOGO


The future blueprint of WON.HOUSE is to utilize innovative technology combined with platform services, break free from the traditional business model, and expand resources to create a win-win situation!


WON.HOUSE aims to actively promote cross-industry cooperation, combined with high-tech, health care, and lifestyle, to create more opportunities for our customers.

One solution

We have extensive industrial supply chain experience and provide a one-stop service business platform for customers from design and production to delivery.

Digital revolution

Textile digital technology can realize the digitalization of fabrics, patterns, and body shapes, allows for high customization, simplifies the process, and achieves flexible use.

About Won.House

About Won.House





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